Arya Samaj marriage is a marriage with simple procedures. It is open to all Indian Citizens irrespective of their caste or religion. In arya samaj marriage fire is the main element and the wedding ceremonies take place in the presence of sacred fire. The priest recites the mantras and explains the meaning of each and every mantra to the bride and groom. Also one does not have to go for marriage registration specifically in arya samaj marriage.

The rituals of arya samaj marriage are in accordance with the vedas. Wedding in arya samaji tradition is the best way to get married for people who want to keep their wedding a simple affair. Since arya samaj marriage is open for all religions it is also one the preferred ways to get married for people in love relationships. We organize   Arya Samaj Marriage in ghaziabad  authorized by law and the couple can get the certificate of marriage soon after the completion of marraige.